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Kemkemian and Kumkumian Family Hub!

This site is dedicated to all Kemkemian and Kumkumian family members, providing a space to connect and share our family history. I’m (Sam) Sebouh Kemkemian, the administrator of this platform. With the collective effort of Kemkemian families, I aim to construct our Family Tree, which currently spans back to 1767—over 250 years of Kemkemian Family history.

Why is this important? By documenting our lineage online, we ensure that our ancestors’ legacy lives on. It’s a way to bridge geographical gaps, uniting Kemkemians worldwide. Our secure platform allows us to share photos, stories, and updates—a perpetual virtual family reunion.

Get Involved: Are you a twig on our family tree? Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or a curious newcomer, your input matters. Connect with fellow Kemkemians, discover distant cousins, and piece together the puzzle of our past.

Contact Us: If your surname is Kemkemian or Kumkumian—or if you’re related to our family in any way—don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s celebrate our shared heritage and build a legacy for generations to come.